6th grade Pizza Box Fractions

With the help of Pizza Hut, Mrs. Woodrum’s 6th grade math class is learning all about fractions, equivalent fractions, real-world problems and answers, and constructing a pizza.

There was a strict criteria with regards to the fractional aspects but students were free to choose their own toppings. After being given the assignment; students went to work and  created pizzas of all sizes and toppings of all sorts. Toppings ranged from the traditional pepperoni, cheese, and sausage to Halloween theme pizzas with skulls, vampire teeth, and bats.

There were 82 pizzas in total turned in to be judged. Each pizza was given a number in lieu of writing student names on the box and put on display to be judged by one another, 7th grade students, and teachers. The class with the most votes will go to Pizza Hut for some special training by the manager. Training will include; pizza making 101, counting change, customer service, ordering, and reading invoices.

image1 pizza9 image23 image13 image22 image11 image21 image12

Pictures from the field trip to Pizza Hut, below.

image4 image5 image3 image2